Your Chance to Influence Book Three of the Ellis Island Series!

Reader Feedback!

I’m looking for your thoughts about what you’d like to see (or not see) in book three of the Ellis Island Series, Sofia’s Tune. No promises, but I might be influenced by what you all say! After all, these books are for YOU! And those of you who’ve read the first two books probably have some great ideas. Now’s your chance to share them!

This poll only lasts a week, so please chime in and send your reading friends over!

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3 thoughts on “Your Chance to Influence Book Three of the Ellis Island Series!

  1. martyomenko

    However, if you write about a birth in the book…please make sure to consult with someone that is around birth often. =) My biggest pet peeve in books is outright, glaring mistakes when it comes to birthing babies. If you are writing about a birth a long while ago, double check on methods that would have been used. The most common one is “turning a breech baby in labor”. It is pretty much impossible if they are completely breech. Most doctors and midwives delivered breech babies often, just like that!

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