14 thoughts on “Win an Autographed Copy of Grace’s Pictures

  1. Alyssa Faith

    I would like to read Grace's Pictures because of my own Irish heritage, which I am obsessed with. My own great-great Grandfather came to America from Ireland when he was a boy.

  2. Amy C

    Hi Cindy! I'm so happy I found you. Seems like we have so much in common. Especially, the love of all things Irish and genealogy. Most of my family roots have been planted in America for 200+ years from Ireland and Germany. That is, other than my grandma, who came here in 1946 from Ireland.
    campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  3. windycindy

    My husband and our youngest son took a trip to Ireland
    a few years ago…Our son was going away to college, so
    they choose to vacation in Ireland. They had a wonderful
    tour guide and were shown lots of places that many typical
    tourists aren't fortunate to see and experience. I would
    enjoy your book, immensely! My paternal grandmother came
    to Ellis Island from Calais, France, when she was 11 years
    Many thanks, Cindi

  4. Kevin

    Good luck and to those who are planning to come here for a little research I'll answer any questions.



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