Why Ireland is for Lovers

My husband and I spent our honeymoon at Virginia Beach, VA, for the sole reason that it was the shortest drive to the ocean from where we live. Virginia is fond of its motto: Virginia is for Lovers, which is nice when you spend your honeymoon there.

But I would like to make the argument that Ireland is for lovers, and not just because of its incredible beauty. (Virginia is nice too, but it’s no Ireland!)

Ireland is the resting place of the relics of Saint Valentine, a saint martyred for marrying two Christians, as the legend goes. The remains are in Whitefriar Church in Dublin.

Dublin is a bustling city and even with a GPS on our phone, my husband and I had a difficult time finding this church. But I shouldn’t blame it totally on the GPS. The outside of the church is rather ordinary and it fooled it as we passed it a couple of times.

Here is the inside (and by the way, these photos are thanks to Flickr as I did not take any of my own.)

So, if you didn’t know before, now you do. Ireland truly has reason to be called the place for lovers.

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