Today’s Research: Dogs

Or rather the personality of dogs and what people can learn from them. A dog is key in Book Three of my Ellis Island Series. The inspiration is The Master’s Voice advertising icon. That dog is a mixed breed but mostly fox terrier.

I’d love to hear from some dog owners about what spiritual lessons they’ve learned from their dogs. And I have a question: What one thing might someone who doesn’t own a dog and might not really understand dogs learn from YOUR dog?

Talk it up, please.


1 thought on “Today’s Research: Dogs

  1. Ohiofarmgirl

    He is my Good Sir, my #1 Dog. he knows what i need before i do. he is my Jerry McQuire dog, he had me at 'hello' and he completes me. he protects and defends, he stands in the gap. he watches and worries and is there when i need him. i am his only priority.

    some people say they love their dogs so much that they would take a bullet for them – but my dog would take a bullet for me…and that is why i love him.

    he is like a little boy who thinks his momma is the most beautiful woman in the world… but has the heart of a lion, the strength of a bear, and the discipline of an old school military man.

    he's my 99% dog – i can depend on him 99% of the time. and that 1%? turns out he knew better than i did. so its really 100%.

    i have to manage my other dogs but not my Good Sir. he gives me what i need with the grace of an old soul.

    he's my Good Sir, my right hand man, my good shepherd, the reason i dont have to worry.

    i would have never known this if i didnt have him. the peace i have from having him is my spiritual lesson i learned from my dog.


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