That Puzzling Brownie Camera

French Brownie ad showing a child using the camera.

While the Brownie’s operation was made to be pretty simple, today there are things about them that are not so intuitive. After all, what’s more simple than what we have today? We don’t even mess with film!

There are many Brownie’s out there for sale on eBay, Etsy, and flea markets. Most are pretty inexpensive, so collecting Brownies is an attractive hobby. But there are different models that operate differently and take different film.

Fortunately, the Brownie Camera Guy is here to help! If you’re at all interested in Brownies, you should visit his web page, The Brownie Camera Page. His name is Chuck and he has some helpful videos, like this one showing you how to open a Brownie box camera (something I struggled with at first.)


Are you a collector? Did you have a Brownie as a kid?

2 thoughts on “That Puzzling Brownie Camera

  1. Patricia

    I still own my grandfather's Brownie camera but it is not like the one in the video it is much smaller.

    My grandfather was born in 1905 he sold magnolia flowers and newspapers on the downtown streets of Houston, Texas. When he got old enough the Houston Chronicle hired him as a typesetter and he remained at that job until he retired. He owned a model T as a young man and when he passed away we found the tool kit to that vehicle, not sure who has them now. I have some wonderful pictures of him in the Boy Scouts in the Houston Heights area and even a picture of his father and his sister. He filled me with some wonderful stories of his life in Houston and Galveston. He was always taking pictures of someone or something. He passed away in 2000 with a sharp mind until the very end.

    I just finished reading your book getting ready to post it on my blog. You have awaken some special memories in me of my grandfather. Thanks for this wonderful book.

  2. Cindy Thomson

    What wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing them, Patricia. Thanks for reading and letting me know what you thought. It's my hope the story will spark cherished memories and encourage readers to learn about the sacrifices and hardships their immigrant ancestors endured.


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