Teaching History with the Ellis Island Series

For Homeschooling and Traditional Classrooms, Historical Fiction Can Enhance Your Curriculum

Students at Ellis Island

Teaching History with Annie’s Stories

I believe fiction can be an effective means to teach history. Students will grasp events and social history when a character comes alive in his/her mind. Being a former teacher, I considered how my fiction could be used in the classroom. Annie’s Stories not only explores the power of a story and some late 19th century to early 20th century literature, there is Irish history, The Wizard of Oz, and publishing to explore. Here are some of my ideas, but if you have more to add to this, please let me know. Let’s make history fun and interesting!

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An Ellis Island Inspection, www.cindyswriting.com

Teaching History with Grace’s Pictures

From police corruption, pawn shops, Tammany Hall, early photography to Ellis Island, there is much in Grace’s Pictures that teachers can use to make history come alive. If you have more ideas on how to teach these concepts with these novels, please let me know so I can include them.

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