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Cooking for St. Patrick’s Day

Photo by Maryade

What To Do

For people like me who aren’t interested in going to a bar on St. Patrick’s Day (despite the fact that we’ll surely miss some great music) cooking something traditionally Irish is what we do to celebrate.

I will probably make Irish stew. Since we’re gluten-free and mostly dairy-free here at our house, my options are limited. But I found a great recipe on IrishAmericanMom.com, which is the place you should look if you’re interested in authentic Irish dishes.

Here’s My Stew Recipe


This is what I’ll be making, thanks to Mairéad, a woman I met briefly when she stopped by my table at the Dublin Irish Festival one year. Her site is definitely worth following.

Irish Soda Bread


I’ve made this in the past. Easy, and worth trying, although not as good as what you’ll get in Ireland. I’m told our flour in America is not the same, and who am I to argue? I’ve been to Ireland. Their bread is better.

Here’s What I Want to Make


I’ve had this potato bread in Northern Ireland. I’ve truly never gotten it out of my mind since. I will have to try to a gluten-free version. Wish me luck!

And Speaking of Potatoes

photo by Diane Duane

In Ireland we saw bags of potatoes stacked outside businesses. They had unique names. I had no idea what that meant…that is, until I read Mairéad’s post about the different varieties of potatoes in Ireland that we don’t have here in the U.S. Next time I visit I will definitely try some. Here is a link to her post.

Are you cooking for St. Patrick’s Day? Let me know in the comments and we’d all love links too!