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A One Word Resolution

How Making It Easy Works

My One WordYears ago, at the end of the calendar year, I began following the steps outlined in a book and on a web site called My One Word by Mike Ashcraft, and Rachel Olsen. I answered these questions:

  1. What Kind of Person Do You Want to Be?
  2. What Are the Characteristics a Person Like That Possesses?
  3. What Word Do You Choose From That List?

Pretty simple. The task does not focus on failure, which is what the making of New Year’s Resolutions does for many people. Instead, the focus is on reminding yourself of what ONE thing you can concentrate on this year to make a difference.

You Already Know What It is

I believe this is true. Maybe you want to be healthier. Maybe you want to be a better worker, more successful, more focused, more committed. Whatever it is, I believe the desire is already within you. Because I’m a person of faith, I believe God has placed that desire in your heart and mind. Choosing one word helps you focus. It reminds you of what you need to be doing this year, of what you CAN accomplish, instead of what you can’t. There will probably be many characteristics you will name in step number two above. But you only choose one.

photo by denise carbonell

photo by denise carbonell

Choosing One Word Often Comes With Surprises

Sometimes people who do this think the word will mean one thing, and it turned out to mean something different as they progressed through the year. For others the word had the meaning they expected, but they were impacted much more than they had imagined. Sometimes the work continues beyond the calendar year, but for most people who dedicate themselves to choosing a word instead of a resolution, the word inspires them and moves them forward toward becoming the person they want to be–who God wants them to be.

Have You Tried This? Will You Choose a Word?

Please let me know in the comments. My word for 2016 will be CREATE.