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3 Top Reasons to Hunt the Good Stuff

Why Your Attitude Matters

A few weeks ago I attended an all-day meeting for families with deployed soldiers. I was just thinking that what I learned there is very appropriate for Thanksgiving week, so this a reminder for me, but just in case it’s also helpful to you, I thought I’d share.

One of the presenters showed us this video of a father and son.

She used it as an example of hunting the good stuff. Sure, there are lots of obstacles in life. This boy wanted to run. He asked his father to help him, and he did. Can you think of a better example of not giving up a dream? If we hunt the good stuff, which is another way of saying look on the bright side, find what you can do instead of lamenting what you cannot, how much better will our lives be?

Here are three reasons it’s a good idea to hunt the good stuff.

1. If you hunt the good stuff, you’ll find it.

The Good Stuff!

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A defeatist attitude will only get you that, defeat. Looking for what’s good, beautiful, inspiring, however, can only make life better. Reminds me that we’ve been told this before:


Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.–Philippians 4:8

And good attracts more good. Here’s what I mean. Say you’re having a bad day. You’ve misplaced your keys, you can’t find your favorite jeans so you had to settle for something else, you forgot your computer password, and the coffeemaker broke. Bad day, huh? Suppose you

Attitude is contagious

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decide instead to hunt the good stuff. You have a job. You have choices of clothing in your closet. You will save your password in the future, so you’ve learned a valuable lesson. These are SMALL things, but they add up. If you keep that bad attitude, guess what you’ll keep experiencing the rest of the day? But if you choose to look for the positive, guess what you’ll find then?

2. You’ll bring others with you.

Nothing is worse than a pity party. Sure, there is a lot in this world to be down about. There is a lot to scary you silly. But dwelling on those things causes not only anxiety, but also causes you to miss what’s truly good, not to mention the affect it has on everyone around you. Don’t be that Debbie Downer-type. Choose to encourage and inspire instead. (That’s what I would like to do, anyway. I’m trying!) And think about what a difference you could have in the lives of others if you hunt the good stuff more often than not. The people around you will begin to do the same thing. It works both ways, in my experience.

3. You will lessen the pain of the bad stuff.

And who doesn’t want that? Count your blessings. You have them, I’m sure. Have you counted them lately?

What are you most grateful for this Thanksgiving?

Blessings quote

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