St. Patrick and Easter

A Light in the Darkness

One of my favorite stories about St. Patrick revolves around Easter. In ancient Ireland feast days were launched the night before with a massive fire. In a world without electricity, an outdoor fire must have been visible for miles, a call to the gathering.

The story says that on the eve of the festival of Beltane, the king ordered all fires to be extinguished so that only his ceremonial fire burned on the Hill of Slane.

On the Hill of Slane
From My Visit photo©Cindy Thomson

However, it was also Easter and Patrick and his followers lit their Easter fire. As dark as the night was, that fire could easily be spotted, so the king sent his men to punish these lawbreakers. But God was on Patrick’s side, and he and his followers turned into a herd of deer (shapeshifting was a talent for powerful druids, thus the tale gave a nod to the influence Patrick had.) Thus concealed, Patrick and his followers passed by the army without harm.

This story is beautifully told by John Doan. Watch it below and enjoy his music.


8 thoughts on “St. Patrick and Easter

  1. Deirdra

    Thank you so much what a story. I am reading a book on the Druid turned monks who went to Europe bringing Christ light into the darkness of pagan pain

    Looking forward to go to some of the ancient churches and pilgrims sites

    1. cthomson

      Some say that would describe Columba (Columcille) the subject of my next novel. Let me know what you discover on your next trip!

  2. Lori Dykes

    Wow thank you Cindy! I love the story and the background where he was sitting is amazing!! I am always so interested in these tales and there is so much history!


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