More Giveaways to Celebrate St. Brigid’s Day!

Brigid of Ireland by Cindy Thomson, ebook

Come back Feb. 1 for my final St. Brigid giveaway!

For Kindle Readers

Goodreads only allows print giveaways, and I don’t want Kindle readers to be left out. So, here’s a giveaway for you! If you don’t actually have a Kindle device, you can get the Kindle app for your computer or tablet (it’s free, click here to learn more.)





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8 thoughts on “More Giveaways to Celebrate St. Brigid’s Day!

  1. Kristen Anissa

    Hi Cindy! I hadn’t ever heard of St Brigid until I started getting your blog, but I’m fascinated by the stories you’ve told and look forward to reading your book Brigid of Ireland!

  2. Kym

    I first heard about St Brigid around this time last year and was intrigued by the stories. I think most of what I know about her comes from your blog posts though!


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