16 thoughts on “How Did You Name Your Pet?

    1. Patti Jo Hibshman

      Our 90 pound Yellow Labrador Retriever dog’s name is “Sunny”. He is a very loving dog and I had hoped he would be good with Pet Therapy? Well, he did not pass the evaluation. He is too loving and likes to hug everybody, especially if they gush over him. With his size and weight, he could knock over a frail senior. I have since realized all of my previous dog names have started with “S”s, I do not know why? My previous dog was Suzy Q. She was a great certified Pet Therapy dog. We visited Schools, Libraries, Community Functions, and Hospitals to cheer people.

  1. Denise

    My current baby is 5 and Lilly was already her name, so I named her Joy. Lilly Joy. Every day, she fills my life with joy.

      1. Diana Reynolds

        I have an extremely self-centered, self absorbed Yorkie Havanese mix dog. I named her Becky Sharp after a character in Thackery’s Vanity Fair who is equally self absorbed and self serving. I love my dog but she is a tyrant!

  2. Jasmine A.

    Over the years I’ve personally chosen the names for many of our family pets. Those names have come from a wide variety of places. Strider (cat) and Arwen (cat) from the Lord Of The Rings books. Aslan (cat) from The Chronicles Of Narnia books. Festus (dog) and Kitty (dog) from the tv show Gunsmoke. Tell (dog) and Ty (dog) from Louis L’Amour’s Sackett series. Marmalade (cat) because she is an orange tabby. Boston Blackie (cat) from the old time radio show of the same name. Roscoe (cat) named for the Dukes Of Hazzard tv show character. Tabitha Twitchett (cat) from the Beatrix Potter character. Cathleen (cat) for the dance Countess Cathleen in the show Riverdance. We’ve also had family pets named Huck (dog) for Huckleberry Finn, Chantry (dog) for the family in several Louis L’Amour books, Chewbacca (dog) from Star Wars.

    My own dog that I have now is named Ginger. A little over a decade ago when I was about 19 or so I watched Top Hap for the first time. I loved it, brought it home, and started a real Fred Astaire appreciation in my family. So, my dog is named after Ginger Rogers. I named her that because she moved like a dancer as a puppy but I had no clue how much my dog’s personality would resemble the sometimes fireball and sometimes diva characters that the actress portrayed on film. Ginger is 8 years old now going on 8 months, LOL!

  3. Sandy

    Wilson Bentley is the First known Photographer of snowflakes. He tried to proof that no two snowflakes were the same. When we met our puppy For the first time it was snowing. The puppy was (is) solid white, hence Bentley!


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