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Critique Services

I am now offering a limited number of short critiques. If you’ve written a novel that you’re serious about publishing but just can’t seem to turn the page to the next chapter on your writing journey, I’d like to help. I won’t write the novel for you or edit it. There are others out there specializing in those services. What I’d like to offer as a multi-published author with a heart for mentoring and teaching, is a critique of up to five opening chapters of your novel (maximum of 12K words) plus a synopsis. (Shorter options below.)

How painful will the critique be?

I’m a nice person. (Ask anyone!) It is not my desire to hurt your baby or your feelings. But if you’re serious about your writing you don’t want all sugar and spice either. That’s not helpful. I want to be helpful so I’ll be truthful and direct, with plenty of examples to illustrate my points. It’s the only way we learn and get better.

What does a critique involve?

An analysis of plot and conflict/setting/point of view/character motivations and goals/flow/dialogue/believability. If there is a particular area you believe you need the most help with I will concentrate on that.

Why a critique of only five chapters?

Because you won’t need more than that to know if you’re on the right track. I don’t want to waste your time or mine making the same suggestions over and over again. Some writers won’t require even five chapters, but you decide. (Options below.)

How about editing?

While it’s true that every novelist needs to be a fairly good editor of his or her own work, I’m not a professional editor and I won’t pretend I am. I’m a writer and a reader who has worked with several professional editors. I’ve learned a thing or two and I’m happy to pass along what I know. When you’re ready for a professional editor it will be up to you to hire one, but with a professional critique already done, you might be able to move through the editing process more quickly, and hopefully with less expense!

How long will the critique take?

I’m not sure, to be honest. It will depend on how many others I have to do, how many Christian Writers Guild students I’m currently mentoring, what other deadlines I have, and whether or not one of my sons wants to take me to lunch! Seriously, I’m a full-time writer and will be committed to turning around your critique as quickly as possible. When you contact me I’ll give you a timeline.

How much will it cost?

If I’m working for you I’m not writing so I do need to charge for this service. Think of it as an investment in your writing journey. Here are my current charges, subject to change. I think you’ll find them reasonable if you compare them with other services out there.

  • First 12K words of your novel critiqued, plus synopsis: $225
  • First 10 novel pages critiqued, plus synopsis: $50
  • Fiction query letter critiqued: $20
  • Non fiction article query letter critiqued: $20

What else is there for writers?

Since the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild shut down there are fewer options. Writers conferences are great places to meet critique partners. Just be sure to find someone who is a little farther along the road than you are so he/she will have something to teach you, and likewise, look for someone you can advise who is a little bit behind you on the writing road. ACFW also has critique groups if you are member.

There may be other options I’m not aware of, but the important thing is to connect with someone who has experience and is willing to share.

How to sign up for my critiques:

After we agree on what you need and when I’ll complete it, send me the funds via Paypal.

Use the form below to let me know what you’re interested in and to ask any questions. I look forward to helping you turn the page to publication!

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