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Finding the Coolest Libraries

Cindy Thomson's baseball library.

I like my library, but it hasn’t made any lists yet.

I thought about writing a post on the coolest libraries in the country, but the truth is, I haven’t been to them all. There are lots of other bloggers out there posting about cool libraries. Some of them even hold weddings!

So, I thought I’d just share some links with you rather than reinvent the wheel. I hope you’ll enjoy browsing. They all are heavy on the graphics so you can just sit and enjoy. Like I did.

The World’s Coolest Libraries

The Best Libraries in the World–the one in Mexico City looks like a warehouse to me, but those European ones are amazing! I have been to Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, and had a hard time leaving. So much to just gaze upon!

25 of the Most Beautiful College Libraries in the World–Trinity College shows up here again, as well as the one in Cambridge. I’m more drawn to the historical buildings, but there is some amazing architecture here. Lots of arch shapes. Is that to complement the linear shape of the books?

Cindy Thomson's home office library.

Maybe I need arches somewhere in my office.–Local Public Libraries–The New York Public Library–main branch was another I had trouble leaving. I just wanted to stare and gaze up, you know? I went to the room where they keep maps and the ceiling was lower and maybe that’s why I was able to get some research done. Just walking the halls was amazing.

Beautiful Libraries Large and Small–a board on Pinterest

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