The Roots of Irish Wisdom/Celtic Wisdom

The Roots of Irish Wisdom by Cindy ThomsonA bevy of classic Celtic wisdom that reveals the authentic core of Celtic spirituality is gathered in this inspirational anthology. A background on the history of Ireland as well as St. Patrick, Brigid, and the Twelve Apostles of Erin is provided along with sayings, stories, prayers, and proverbs that reveal the traditions and customs of Celtic prayer and learning. Beautifully illustrated with evocative images of Ireland, this is an intimate guide to putting the ancient wisdom of the Celts into practice.

“Among the shelves of books available on the subject, Celtic Wisdom by Cindy Thomson is a wonderful distillation of the important truths and legacy of Celtic Christianity.”~John Doan, Emmy-nominated composer and premier harp guitarist, storyteller, and historian.

“An inspiring and informative journey offering new insights along ancient pathways.”~Liz Babbs, author and expert in the area of prayer and spiritual formation.

“My thoughts today absorb images and stories from a gift book: Celtic Wisdom-Treasures from Ireland. A chapter about St. Patrick opens my eyes to a major influence known all over the world. Chapters about other Irish saints, Celtic learning, art, and prayers give a good, brief account. Gorgeous color photos, ancient poetry and prayers inspire the wish to fly there for a history tour, right now.”~Baltimore Faith & Everyday Life Examiner Jean Purcell

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