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Author Alton Ganksy Interviews Me!

It was an extreme honor to be interviewed this week by novelist Alton Ganksy. Alton has a YouTube channel filled with interviews with authors and industry professionals. Be sure to check out his other videos.

Here is my interview. I hope you enjoy hearing a little bit about why I wrote Grace’s Pictures and why I think baseball is important to my writing. 😉


10 Reasons I’m a Writer

Scene from the movie Stranger Than Fiction

1. I have an office: computer, novels, printer/scanner/fax, books on writing, a print dictionary that I never use because I get it online, pencils, legal pads, back-up drive, paintings of typewriters…

2. I have contracts in my file. Even ones that are ten years old. I keep them to prove I’m a writer.

3. I belong to writers groups.

4. I have a literary agent to represent me.

5. I have tons of business cards from other writers, many of whom I can’t even remember meeting.

6. I rarely leave my home.

7. I hear voices. I really do! And it’s okay.

8. I have a subscription to Writer’s Digest.

9. I have a cup warmer right by my computer screen (meaning I’m there a lot.)

10. I do the only thing that really matters: I write!

My First Post


I’ve been working on a new website, and since it’s just me, myself, and I working on it, it’s taken me a while before I was ready to show it to the world. But here I am, finally, and I’m glad you stopped by!

With my new series with Tyndale House, I thought I needed a new website, and a new blog. A place where I can connect with folks who are interested in what I’m interested in: history, family legacy, Ellis Island, reading, and writing.

Check out the tabs above where you can find my books and where to purchase them, something about me if you’re so inclined, and some other stuff.

I’d love to hear your family stories. Where did your people come from? Do you know a lot or just a little? Would you like to know more?

I’ve been interested in genealogy for some time. I call myself an amateur genealogist, because I’m not professionally trained, and I’m not in the business of tracing other people’s roots for them. I like to hear the stories, and imagine what life was like for those people, and then create fiction. I also have been known to write some “how-to” articles for genealogy magazines. I may not write about your family exactly, but I what I do write might allow you imagine the world your ancestors lived in, what was important to them, how they grew spiritually through their life experiences, and maybe even how that affected you generations later.

What about you? Tell me something. I’m listening! 🙂