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5 Family Trees For Your Wall

Yes, you can keep your family records online, and you really should. Just back them up! But I love graphic family trees. Anyone else? Here are few I found on Etsy that I think are beautiful. I tried to link to the sites, but I’m not sure it worked. If not, just search for family tree on Etsy. (I don’t get any kickbacks. I was just window shopping!)

Love the Bible verses!
What a great idea to use photos!
Names like a trunk, leaves, and branches. Beautiful!
Reminds me of candy hearts. 🙂
Why not frame your chart as a tree? It’s a map of humanity!
Do you have a tree hanging on your wall? Here is mine, made by my friend artist Deirdra Doan.
It’s on top of my bookcase and it was no easy feat to get a picture for you. Hope you can see it all right. And by the way, visit Deirdra for more of her artwork!