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Bookish Decor

Pinterest Inspiration

I admit one of my favorite pastimes is exploring how people decorate their spaces with some kind of book theme. I was recently visiting a publishing house and the editor had a lampshade decoupaged with dictionary pages. Oh, I have one too!

I have a book pillow my mother-in-law made for me. (I gave her the material!) I have several reading garden statues.








I even have some words on my wall. Lots of people do. Do you?

Mine are in the stairwell on the way to my office:

Author Cindy Thomson's words on the wall

Pinterest Book Inspiration

I even created a Pinterest board with 140 pins (at last count.) I’ve been lots of book decor, but also some book accessories you can wear. There are fountains and storefronts made to look like books. Plenty of life-sized statues. Inspirational quotes and words for your walls.

5391b-ireadpastcopyI’m not the only one with this obsession, however. You can find a ton of Pinterest boards called “Book Inspiration.” If you’d like to follow my board, you can find it here.

I even made a reading t-shirt. Some of you have one!

I do have limits, however. I try not to take this obsession to the ridiculous or annoying. Know what I mean? Like this headboard. I mean if these are fixed in this position, and I think they’d have to be, wouldn’t it drive you crazy that you couldn’t turn the page? 🙂


Photo: Wicker Paradise


Or this? How can you possibly do what it says?








Books ARE the Best Decor

I shouldn’t even have to say it. Just having books in a room is enough, really. I especially love old books. Not musty books, but ones in good condition with gold lettering on the spine. But a bookcase full of any books just makes a room feel rich with the potential of tales and adventures and fascinating information. In my house, especially in my office, I have a bookcase or two. 😉

Author Cindy Thomson's bookcasesWhat about you? What kind of book decor do you have? Or would you like to have?

Win!! Prints That Inspired Grace’s Pictures

Update: Mandy is the winner! Thanks for entering, everyone. If you’d like me to run another contest like this, just ask! 🙂

I would love to give these four prints away to one of my readers. If I get a good response, I may do it again and perhaps add some different ones. You can use these for crafts (lots of inspiration over on Pinterest!) or just frame them as a set. They are printed on book pages (not my book, but a library discard!) The photos are in the public domain, and I think they are quite charming. They helped inspire me as I wrote Grace’s Pictures. What do you think?

Not crafty? Send one of your friends over and remind her you have a birthday coming up! 😉