Book Review: Second Guessing God

Second Guessing God: Hanging On When You Can’t See His Plan by Brian Jones

From Amazon:

“Why does God allow bad things to happen?” This book is Jones’s response to that question. Like a good friend, Brian comes alongside those seeking help in trials of life to help them find meaning and strength.


While there is nothing shockingly new in this book, it’s a wonderful testimony of what Brian Jones has learned in his life. He writes in a relatable voice that feels as though you are having a conversation in his study.

There were a couple of places that really spoke to me. The chapter on Doubt is honest and impactful. Jones says, “At the heart of a life filled with unanswered questions lies the very nature of Christianity. Our faith is about a relationship with Jesus, not an adherence to a set of intellectual ideas we can memorize and master. Doubt reminds us of this.”

Another part that stood out to me was the chapter on Church. “We’ve become a nation of church shoppers…If the preaching gets boring at our church, we pull out the yellow pages. If the worship style changes, we go to First Church’s early service. If our Sunday School class starts to get too impersonal, we don’t sweat it; we try the hot new church in town..I can’t help but think this must make God sad….If you jump ship when things get tough, you’ll condemn yourself to one long journey of spiritual superficiality.” He goes on to give the example of his parents who have attended the same church for decades. He says, “…they’ll look back and savor the memories a lifetime of faithful participation in one congregation brings. They’ll look back and relish the dangerous conversations they didn’t avoid, sins they were encouraged to confront, and authentic Christian friendships it took a lifetime to develop.”

Just a few examples of the kind of personal, heartfelt conversations that this book makes you feel like you are having.

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