An Irish Book Launch

Ballina (EIRE)
Ballina photo by eric.delignieres

When I was in Ireland, I had the unique opportunity to attend Kate Kerrigan’s book launch!

The event was held in the beautiful little town of Ballina (Bow-lynn-ah)–I pronounced it wrong continually until I heard Kate say it. The town is near her home and the place where her mother Moira lives.

Her book, the one just launched in Ireland, is the final in a series about an Irish immigrant who makes a home in Hollywood, and the party was at a beauty salon. Read her blog post about it here. (I actually appear in the background of one of the pictures she has up on her blog. I was on my way back from the bathroom when the costume award was being given. Yep, a photobomb by yours truly!)

I met Kate through my blog,, where I interviewed her. About a year and a half ago I had another unique opportunity. I learned she was going to Manhattan on book tour just the time I planned to be there to research my book. She invited me to a book blogger luncheon hosted by her publisher, Harper Collins, at the HC headquarters.

That’s me in front of HC holding Kate’s book.
The luncheon was an intimate gathering where we heard insides stories from the author, the best kinds!

Besides being a delightfully nice person, she is a wonderful writer and I’ve enjoyed her books. You should check them out!

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