A Light Look at Print vs Ebook

Which do you prefer? Print or ebooks? I get that question a lot. You might too. My answer is both, and I absolutely do enjoy reading both ways. I was thinking…what are the pros and cons? So I decided to make a list. Tell me what you think.

But, before I get to the list, I want to make sure you know I can sign ebooks. Did you know? Just go to this link: http://www.authorgraph.com/authors/cindyswriting
You’ll see all of my books listed. All you do is click on one, send me a message and I’ll respond and you’ll get my autograph along with a personalized message sent to your device. Pretty cool! I’ve requested a few from authors I’ve read. Have you done this yet? It’s absolutely FREE! 🙂

Okay, my list:

Print Books

  • People will actually see what you’re reading and you’ll look pretty cool with that copy of the latest bestseller or academic tome under your arm.
the girl reading on train
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  • You’ll build muscles while reading Harry Potter.
Reading the new Harry Potter! (21/365)
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  • You’ll have something to fill all those book bags you get from every convention and trade show you go to.
Book bag
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  • Bookshelves look better in your home than a nearly empty shelf with a Kindle on it.
  • Even when you’re napping you’ll look smarter holding a book.
  • A real book smells so much better than an ebook.
  • For me, it’s easier to thumb through and find something.


  • People can’t see what you’re reading, so whether you’re reading Menopause for Dummies or Fifty Shades of Gray, no one will judge you.
Read Me!
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  • You’ll save room on your bookshelves for the souvenirs you picked up on your last vacation.
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Asleep on the Beach
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  • If you fall asleep reading you won’t drop a heavy book on your toes.
  • You can instantly look up words you aren’t familiar with. (One of my favorite things!)
  • If you change your mind about highlighting something, it’s much easier to erase it.
  • You can get your author’s favorite book instantly on the first day it’s available.

So, what about you? Ebook or print book?

In fairness to all, my new book, Grace’s Pictures, is available both in print and ebook formats. 🙂

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