A 1900 View of the Future

Jules Verne’s From The Earth to The Moon

I’m working through edits on Book Two of the Ellis Island Series, Annie’s Stories. One of the characters enjoys reading the contemporary authors Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, who were known for their futuristic notions.

I was reading a column in the New York Times from 1901 written by Wells where he discusses the idea that in the year 2000 suburbs will stretch far out from big cities like New York and London because automobiles will travel far faster than 30 miles per hour. It’s pretty interesting.

That’s why this blog post from The Bowery Boys caught my attention. Thankfully some predictions did not come true. (Gotta love The Bowery Boys!)

But many things were uncannily foreseen. Did you know cell phones were predicted way back in 1909? It’s true. Read about it.

Incredible. What’s your prediction for the future?

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